Glass Management Idea From Across The Pond

We spent a morning with Packexe Smash CEO Andrew Orchard at a scrap yard in Michigan to demo a glass management product.  Mr. Orchard is not a firefighter, but seems to get what we do. He put his money where his mouth is by flying in from the UK to show us what his product is all about and to make sure we understood the application.  He even left us a bunch of Smash to use at upcoming classes and new terminology unrelated to the fire service.  We’ll explain the later over a beer after training.   Smitty from Boron Extrication set us up with a bunch of cars to test the product and get some tool time in.

To be perfectly honest, I had not thought much about glass management other than yelling “glass” or covering a victim/rescuer with a blanket before smashing a window out.  After thinking about it for a little while…when glass breaks – dust and fragmented pieces fly everywhere including: down your gloves, pants, and into the area where you are working.  My first thoughts were that this is another time consuming task that we don’t have time or personnel for.  Using the product changed my definition of glass management.  Will we use Smash on every wreck – No.  Will Smash help us manage glass and protect rescuers and victims sometimes – Yes.  After a little practice, the application is not time consuming at all and the value seems worth a few seconds.


Parts of the kit, plus an extra roll and sharps protection that we will using at upcoming classes.

Here is a description of the product straight from the information page:  Packexe® SMASH Glass Management system provides a remedy to handling both tempered and laminated glass on rescue scenes. Glass, considered a hazard dur-ing the extrication process, can finally be handled in a more efficient and safe manner. The SMASH system allows application of specially formulated adhesive that holds glass upon shattering in all weather conditions. The dispenser applies the adhesive film quickly. Perforations on the film then permit easy and exact placement on the surface. Glass can be broken and removed in entire sections eliminating shards and pieces. Proven to strengthen glass up to 42%, Packexe SMASH has eliminated the need to always forcibly break and remove it-just leave in place during the extrication process! A non-perforated hand-roll provides glass management of laminated glass inside as well as outside the vehicle reducing airborne particles. Packexe SMASH-Safe, Easy, Quick glass management system.


Windshield Cell

The windshield cell terminology came from Mr. Orchard.  This technique was pretty cool and definitely kept glass out of the occupant compartment.  Smitty will be posting a video of us demonstrating this technique.

Below are a few of the other uses we where shown by Mr. Orchard.  More to come from Smitty and in future posts.

Smash on half the window. When we used spreader to pop the hatchback, the glass without the film went flying.

We filmed the windows on the opposite side of a simulated victim, then cut the posts as in a roof removal. The glass stayed in sheets instead of shattering all over.

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