Car/Semi Under-Ride With Fire – Company Drill


Andrew Brassard shared this video in an heavy rescue email group.  It looks to have bene a very challenging rescue that dates back to 2003 and happened in the Salt Lake City area.  The intensity of the scene rises as the video progresses until the extrication of the patient.  Check out the video below and tabletop some questions below with your crew.  Add any other questions you think to bring up in the comments below.

  • Have we done extrication training in full PPE while breathing air?
  • Have we done extrication with a hoseline operating overhead?
  • What are our foam and water supply capabilities?  ARFF resources?
  • What stabilization concerns do we have?  What are our capabilities?  Additional resources?
  • Does everyone understand tunneling operations in an under-ride scenario?
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