Portable Pond Set-Up – Company Drill

Huron Fire Department's New Tanker

Over the next few weeks several water shuttle related company drill topics will be added.  In Ohio the terminology is tanker, however, it is synonymous with other regions tender terminology.   Many of these skill set times are evaluated when ISO comes to visit you, but more importantly the training will improve your operations.  *Keep track of your times and the evolution description for later use with ISO.

Evolution Description: 

The apparatus with the portable pond moves from a starting point 200’ away with the portable tank stowed on the apparatus (in its normal location), with a crew of 2-4 firefighters (depending on your cab configuration), proceeds (maneuvers) to the discharge site, removes the portable pond from the apparatus, and prepares the portable tank to receive water.

Evaluation Criteria: 

  • Understand locations of portable pond and salvage tarp
  • Demonstrate removal of portable pond from apparatus
  • Demonstrate set-up of portable pond with tarp underneath and drains in.
  • Strive for safe deployment in < 2 minutes

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