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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Auger Extrication Prop


 All the pieces came together for this auger extrication prop.  I originally saw the idea on Brotherhood Instructors page, check it out here. Firefighter Josh Goetz (Carroll Township FD) was instrumental in locating an old auger from a combine.  Firefighter Kevin Kilgor, also from Carroll Township FD lined up a shop for us to fabricate the prop. JD Vasbinder suggested adding ...

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Electric Meters – To Pull or Not To Pull


 A commenter on my post, Window Cut Down – Company Drill added a good point to the discussion about ensuring the power is cut before running a saw down the wall. How are you killing the power to the structure?  Pulling the meter? Waiting for the electric company?  Flipping off the main breaker? What is your reasoning for the tactic you ...

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A Week Of Miscellaneous Reminders


Over the last week or so we’ve been reminded of changing weather.  Be ready through training and  foresight. Below is a video of an arching transformer.  More to come, I’m sure, as the spring storms continue to roll in.  Video from FF Kevin Gadd. [wpvideo UjH9oncd]

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Window Cut-Down – Company Drill


The picture to the left is from a fire the other night in a two story 1,500 square feet residential joint.  It had a gable roof and the second floor was made into one room with knee walls on both B and D walls.  The window seen here was to the first floor bathroom. For this company drill tabletop session ...

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Hose Connection Exiting – Company Drill


Here’s a simple, yet important drill on orientation with the hoseline.  Lt. Jason Deptula from Vermilion Twp. FD sent the write up over. As we are all taught in our firefighter classes, the female connection on a hose connects to the make end of the next section.  Using the progression of female to male can lead us out of a ...

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Acquired Structure Training Burns


This past week my latest article was published on acquired structure training burns.  Read it here: A Tale of Two Acquired Structure Burns The following link is to a planning guide in a word document.  Change the logo’s and use it to organize your burn. Acquire Structure Planning Guide The following link is a pdf presentation used for preparing instructors ...

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Northern Ohio Fools – Heavy Rescue 101


This is a great training opportunity.  Cost is free other than a $10 donation to the Huron County Firefighters Memorial.  Pre-registration required. Also, for you Northern Ohio Firefighters check out this scholarship opportunity.  2012 Scholarship Application Pass it on!

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Water Supply Issue?


Norwalk firefighter Charlie Hillman sent me this picture of some significant calcification in an old ductile iron main.  Think about the following questions: How does this effect our water supply? Besides the water department having a break in the line or a customer noticing a decrease in water, how can we discover this problem? Does the calcification increase or decrease ...

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Tanker Fill Procedure – Company Drill


To start the evolution, the apparatus moves 200 feet to location B.  The tanker is filled from a fill site engine.  When the water tank is full to overflow, the fill line(s) are disconnected (ensure all firefighters are seat belted in prior to moving apparatus), and the tanker moves 200 feet and stops (document your total time for later use ...

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