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Monthly Archives: January 2012

High Anchor Point With 2:1 For Window Rescue – Company Drill


This is a firefighter or victim rescue company drill that intimidates some, but once you break it down and train, it can be done quickly with just a few firefighters.  The scenario simulates a heavy victim inside the window where rescuers cannot lift the victim out the window.  The high-anchor point with a modified 2:1 provides extra lifting power. The ...

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Firefighter Survival Training – 1/28/2012

At a firefighter survival and rescue training this past Saturday (Ehove Fire Academy), we covered a bunch of the skills every firefighter should have in their memory bank.  This class could no doubt last a week or more. It is important for all firefighters to train on these skills regularly, just in case.  Start your training by watching the video ...

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Oil Burners – White Ghost – Company Drill


Da White Ghost By Dave Walsh, Chair, DCC Fire Science program With winter upon us, it’s a good time to review one of the hazards this season brings; the “white ghost.” As we all know, basically only vapors burn; solids must undergo chemical decomposition (pyrolysis) to produce combustible vapors. Liquids must be heated above their flash point to release flammable ...

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A Quick Visit at the Pierre (SD) Regional Airport FD


On our return trip from facilitating a converstation at the South Dakota Fire Instructors Conference, Tiger Schmittendorf and I were given a tour of the Pierre Regional Airport FD.  Special thanks to Jason DallaGrana for showing us the equipment and firehouse.   Check out the earlier part of the conversation at Pass it on!  

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Water Rescue Throw Bags – Company Drill

This drill is from Lt. Bronner (PTFD).  Pass it on! Objective:  Water rescue does not stop because of ice.  Lets face it ice is often a thin layer of “hard water” on top of your “regular” body of water.  Water rescue is a year round activity.  Don’t get caught in the trap of we don’t live on Lake _____.  Drive ...

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Knot Review Company Drill

Knot Review Company Drill. Objective: Refresh how to tie knots used on the fireground and during technical rescues. Evolution Description: Tie the following knots overhand / stopper knot square knot figure 8 figure 8 on a bight figure 8 follow through bowline clove hitch half hitch water knot butterfly prusik knot prusik hitch Pass it on!

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Gasoline Tanker Training

This drill idea is from Phil Burden in SC. If your out or on your way back from a run and see a gasoline tanker making a delivery at a filling station, stop and ask the driver if he has any time to review some of the parts of the tanker. Most of the time the driver will be willing ...

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Demolition Site Fires


Some questions for a tabletop company drill or tailboard chat in front of a demolition site… What demolition sites do you have in your response area? What is the risk vs. life safety profile?  Contractor worker accountability? How would the ICS expand? What are the site hazards? What is the water supply situation? What logistical problems do you expect? Can ...

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