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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Train Hard and Be Safe In 2012


It’s all about training.  From the 6-22′s to the veteran firefighters – if you don’t know ask, never stop learning, and practice more than one option.  When we roll across the door plate,  those in need of help expect our greatest efforts and our families expect us to come home.  Make it happen. The link below is a great piece ...

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USAR Training Ops

Here are a few pictures from a recent USAR training at a two story school in Oregon, OH slated for demolition after the first of the year.  Breaching walls and floors, search cam work, and some old fashioned forcible entry included.  See if you can pick up something for discussion at your firehouse.   Pass it on!

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FDIC 2012 – School Bus Extrication


Below is the description for my classroom presentation at FDIC 2012, April 19, 2012 (1530-1715 hours).  Check out the rest of the program options here. School Bus Extrication  Imagine arriving on scene to find an overturned school bus with students trapped, injured, and screaming for help. Whether you are in an ambulance or a fire engine, your first priorities will ...

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Heavy Vehicle Lifting Plans – A, B,C…


What’s your plan for a collision pinning a victim between the hood of a car and the rear-end of a heavy vehicle?  Is this an unlikely scenario?  Whether you are in a small town or big city, commercial vehicles are stopping and going through your jurisdiction daily.  See my previous post on cribbing for heavy vehicles to get an idea of ...

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Training – Are You Doing Enough?


The following post contains some thoughts on training from Firefighter Phil Burden (retired Westerville (OH)).  My conversations, training opportunities, and email correspondence with Phil are motivating to say the least.  Firefighters must gain the insight and knowledge of seasoned veterans, adapt to current day environments, and pass on the traditions and love for the fire service.  We often have slogans ...

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Electrical Hazard Recognition – Fireground & MVC’s


We had the opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge from our local electric utility company at a recent training.  They provided answers to questions with professional and expert recommendations.  First, I’ll review some terminology through pictures.  Second, I’ll list a series of questions that were asked of the utility company personnel and their answers.  Lastly, I’ll review several fireground tasks ...

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Type A School Buses / LPG / Heavy Lifting


Coming in 2012 will be an option from General Motors for liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana cutaway 4500 vans, which are used in Type A school bus applications.  About 2,600 LPG (autogas) fueling stations are scattered around the country with an anticipated increase in the future making this a feasible option. As firefighters, our challenges will ...

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Cribbing For Heavy Vehicle Lifting


Here is a basic review of wood cribbing capacities and then some thoughts on how to increase your crews critical thinking before the heavy rescue lifting call. Are you prepared to lift a heavy vehicle off of an entrapped victim?  Do you have the knowledge, equipment, and cribbing to make the rescue fast and safe?  Fast is a relative term ...

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Umbrellas & Sprinklers


The pictures below were sent to me by PTFD Lt. Bronner while on a road trip.   After you get done chuckling at the photos below consider the following: Are your walk-throughs, inspections, and preplans catching building or content alterations that could potentially place you or the occupants at a disadvantage during a fire?  Would the umbrella material melt away ...

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Leadership Style Assessment

I am currently undertaking the most challenging collegiate educational journey of my life in Capella Universities MPA program.  Typically, my post’s are on rescue, extrication, and training, but I plan to throw in fire service relevant leadership and motivation posts from the knowledge I gain.  This post will help you evaluate your personal leadership style, which in turn will help ...

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