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Mushroom Plant Machinery Rescue

The following is a description of a machinery rescue call from Andrew Brassard and the Milton (Ontario) Fire Department. They received the call around 11:30 pm a few days back for a man caught in a machine at the Leaver Mushroom Plant. At the end are some leasons learned and other things to think about. Also, be sure to check out the linked man-lift rescue post with more variables.

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A Pod With Solar Power

Lt. Brent Bronner was returning from a run with his crew and they saw a Pod sitting in a mall parking lot. They decided to get a little closer and check it out. When they got a little closer they saw solar panels on top of it.

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Bear, Muskrat, Mink Traps…or People Rescue?

The video of a guy punching a bear trap has been floating around social media land the past couple days (it is below if you missed it).  By no means are we experts on traps, but I watched a few smaller sized traps get tuned the other evening by a firefighter on my shift.  Of course, I immediately wanted to see ...

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