FDIC 2014 Re-Cap

2014 Indy Fools Bash

2014 Indy Fools Bash

1920583_10203502192616506_1966807171143480568_nThe 2014 version of FDIC has come and gone.  I had the chance to meet some new friends and connect with some old ones.  If you haven’t made it to FDIC be sure to put in on your list for 2015.  There are countless options for learning, equipment review, and networking that are worth every penny.

Wednesday started off for me when I made it to Indy just in time for the Columbia Southern University social.  I’ve talked about experience and education as one and not in opposition with one another many times.  Below is the suit my crazy mind had a vision for and Tecgen Xtreme made happen.  It was a great conversation piece every evening.  Read more about it HERE.



Fraiser, Smith, Hasenmeier in the Tecgen Xtreme booth

Fraiser (Tactical Advantage Training), Smith (Boron Extrication), Hasenmeier in the Tecgen Xtreme booth

Thursday afternoon I dropped in on the Tecgen Xtreme booth and gave Todd his jersey for display.  He has been a huge supporter of our firefighter fitness efforts.

I also stopped to check out Paratech’s new airbag design.  The new features look to be very nice additions and include a better protected air connection and text on the corners about weight limits.

Read more about the FDIC Courage and Valor 5k HERE and our triathlons HERE. I had the chance to run in Indy with nearly 1,000 others including Andrew Catron (The Model City Firefighter) and Robby Owens (Average Jake FF).

Paul Hasenmeier, Andrew Catron (The Model City Firefighter) and Robby Ownes (Average Jake)

Paul Hasenmeier, Andrew Catron (The Model City Firefighter) and Robby Ownes (Average Jake)

After running and eating Thursday many of us made it to the NFFF Stop, Drop, & Rock event at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.  This is always a great event and lots of money was raised for the foundation.


New Flashlight Cuff at FDIC

New Flashlight Cuff at FDIC

Friday morning kicked off with a stop to see some friends at the Fox Fire booth, Fire Cam booth, and Haix booth.  I was slated to do the 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb, but decided to rest a sore left achilles.  A bunch of us are doing the Toledo 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks.  A couple brother firefighters from Sandusky, OH carried my card for Douglas C. Miller – Rescue 5.  Check out the video below FF Brotherton captured on a Fire Cam HD Mini.

Friday evening the First Arriving Network hosted the Firefighter Turnout event.  It was a rocking good time thanks to many folks and sponsors.  If you missed it be sure to plan on attending next year.


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