Confined Space Training – Cheap Props

Here are a couple pictures of cheap in-house confined space training options to challenge your crew.  This first one is from Andrew Brassard and the Milton (Ontario) Fire Department.  They got the pipe from the works department, cut the angles, melted the corners, secured the pipe to the stairs with a ratchet strap.



These next couple pictures are from Grant Light and the Brothers in Cincinnati (OH) on Heavy Rescue 9.


Chad Dailey from Kansas City has done the vertical confined space training before and added a few things to think about:

  • All rescuers are not meant to work upside down and can become the victim.  They added an additional belay to the rescuers ankles in case a rapid extrication was needed.  If the rescuer passes out; the attachment points on the harness may cause the victims legs to get jammed in the pipe.
  • Try doing a pick-off at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Most rescuers liked having tension on the ankle belay line after the pick-off was completed.


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