2014 Triathlons – Swim / Bike / Run

IMG_1789Last year was a pretty exciting year in that many of us reached new goals in the fitness arena.  2014 is setting up to be an even better year with more guys getting out of the recliner or for our LE friends, out of the donut shop to move a little more.

I talked with Phil Burden on the phone earlier today about firefighter fitness and he said, “we are killing ourselves by not being in shape.”  It’s not a new concept, but one that hits the firehouse to often.  There are all kinds of slogans about being ready to do the job we do, but none of them actually matter if you don’t get in shape and train for the job we do.

A 5k run at BGSU State Fire School is in the early planning, but what a great idea.  Promote firefighter fitness and training during the same week.  Look for more on this soon.


We already have a jersey sponsor for 2014 and are looking for other organizations that want to contribute to the firefighter fitness effort.  By doing so, you would get your logo on the back of the jersey.  Send a message on this post, Facebook, or Twitter.

backOn another note, a FDT t-shirt campaign has started.  All proceeds will go towards sending a firefighter or two to a heavy rescue class in May.


tecgen-e1365901861321-300x124Pass it on!