The Sweat Bee Got A Pig And Pigskin For Christmas

1533885_10151943463753495_171455590_nBack in November Mrs. Sweat Bee approached me about how to get our Sweat Bee something called a Pigskin for Christmas.  She already had a good idea on how to get The Pig.  Read about the Sweat Bee HERE, HERE, and HERE. She even wanted to have the Sweat Bee nickname integrated into the belt somehow.  

ruggles lumbar plateSkylar Putnam came up big after buying a couple more tools for custom leather work and created a sweat bee design on the lumbar plate.  



Mrs. Sweat Bee didn't get a video of Christmas morning, but from the pictures it seems the Sweat Bee wanted a these gifts like a Red Ryder BB gun.  Happy breaking, breaching, ventilating, and forcing.     



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Pigskin Review / The Pig Review

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