It’s Your Command – Ohio Fire and EMS Expo Recap

Picked up a new radio strap at the FoxFire booth.

Picked up a new radio strap at the Foxfire booth.

By: Paul Hasenmeier

After presenting at, taking a few classes at, and talking to other firefighters at the Ohio Fire & EMS Expo, I can chalk it up as another great training event.  Be sure to hit the previous link to “Like” the facebook page and stay up to date with the next events.  It was great catching up with some brother firefighters from around the state and region.

For the fourth year of this show it is growing a rate to remain fairly cheap to attend, but with high caliber instructors.  Here are a few that I sat in on…  Firefighter Jamie Morelock talked about special operations for smaller departments.  He talked staffing, equipment, resources, and training.  Training Boss and Instructor Innovator Jason Hoevelmann presented some great materials on simplifying, capitalizing on resources, and incorporating technology into your training program.  Check out some of his New Fire Officer training HERE.  Mike Smith from Boron Extrication presented on new vehicle technology.  Smitty’s on top of the auto industry and regularly shares the new challenges in modern vehicles that we will see on the streets.  Columbus Lt. Steve Robertson stepped into the transitional attack gauntlet with his class.  He talked strategy and tactics for the combination/volunteer sized departments with different staffing than some big cities.


It’s Your Command

Not my premonition moment...just a swift water training lunch break last weekend.

Not my premonition moment…just a swift water training lunch break last weekend.

My presentation Thursday afternoon was a premonition I had a while back while waiting in the drive-thru at McDonalds.  My fear was that it wasn’t going to flow as expected, however, it did and I realize there is much more to this conversation than 1.5 hours allows.  Feedback was great and I’ve already started thinking about an expansion on the topic.

Here are a few of the talking points:

  • What experience and/or education is needed to be in command?
  • Is it appropriate to allow rookie firefighters to automatically assume command based on riding position?
  • First due officers know the most about an incident – Can they handle strategic, tactical, and task level work at the same time? For how long?
  • Is rescue the deciding factor no matter who is sitting in the right front seat of the next arriving apparatus?

This is a “we don’t want to talk about that” kind of topic, but one needed to move the fire service forward in the professionalism and public welfare arenas.  If you are interested in this program contact me soon.  It will be a 4 hour and maybe 8 hour program soon.


This year at the Expo there was a cornhole tournament that benefited a couple Ohio firefighter families.  Special thanks to Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation and the Ohio Fire and EMS Expo crew for making it happen.  Another group we just met a few weeks ago is the Code 3 For A Cure Foundation.  Check them out as they help firefighters battling cancer.

Lt. Bronner has his new pink helmet band on already.  Get one HERE.

MN8 Foxfire is also bringing awareness for the month of October by selling pink helmet bands.  A portion of the sales is donated to the Fire Firefighter Cancer Foundation.  Of course, I had a list of orders coming in via twitter and text for guys back home.

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