Rough Swim Today (Rip Current Risk)

We’ve had a long swim (2.5 miles) scheduled for today since Monday.  Of course the weather changed and the wind started blowing out of the North causing the wave action on Lake Erie to kick up a bit.  This morning the National Weather Service out of Cleveland issued a rip current risk advisory.

All photos courtesy of the Jason Werling.

The chop didn’t look horrible after getting off shift from the firehouse this morning so we stayed with the plan briefly.  We hopped a ride on FF Buchanan’s boat, made it out the river, and quickly decided the long swim wasn’t going to happen.


We returned to the river and went to a local beach in hopes of a little protection from the pier.  Waves ranged from 2-4′ during our shortened mile+ swim.  Some may say we’re crazy, but we are all training for triathlons with the big race being the REV3 event in Sandusky, OH in a couple weeks.  The swim course is on Lake Erie, so we need a little rough water practice.

We all wore wetsuits which provided some flotation that was coupled with some strong swimming experience.  Currents along the lakeshore are often unpredictable and strong, hence the rip current statement.  Inexperienced swimmers without PFD’s get into trouble with North winds like we saw today.  Keep your crews and kids safe around the water and know your limitations; we did and changed plans.

More Of Today’s Swim Pictures From Sandusky Register Photography Jason Werling

The big news is still the fact that FF Brian Hackenburg will be doing the full distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 bike, 26 mile run with turnout gear and a SCBA).

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