Schmitz Mittz RescueX Gloves – Review

Smitty from Boron Extrication and I had a chance to meet up with Randy Schmitz at FDIC this past year.  He sent us over some of the Schmitz Mittz RescueX Gloves to check out.  We’ve put several different extrication gloves through the paces.  Check out all of our reviews HERE.

Overall, these gloves provide great cut and impact protection.  Watch the video from Randy, check out the description from his website, and hash through our pros/cons.  With all the options in the glove market, these might be the right fit for you.




Description of the RescueX Gloves from the Schmitz Mittz website:

The Extrication Glove offers superior protection when compared to other extrication gloves. The combination of slash resistance, a water proof layer, and high heat resistance give your hands the protection they need in any situation. The chemical resistant layers and the carbon fiber knuckle gives you added protection that other gloves lack.


  • Slash resistant level 5 inner liner
  • Armortex Kevlar outer protective layer
  • Chemical resistant outer and inner layer
  • Carbon fiber knuckle protection (high impact protection)
  • Water resistant outer liner & water proof inner layer
  • Tough Cordura material for abrasion resistance and flexibility (600 Denier)
  • High heat resistant palm against temperatures up to 2500°F (up to 20 seconds direct flame impingement)
  • Elastic cuff with 3M seam to protect against sharp objects

Design & Feel

  • Double layer thumb webbing
  • Double kevlar stitching for added strength and durability
  • Kevlar Tex 80 thread used throughout the glove
  • Vibration pad sewn into the group area of the palm
  • Rounder finger-tip design for better fit and comfort



  • Good deterity
  • Great impact protection for knuckles
  • No holes, cuts, or significant damage resulted during the trainings
  • Heat resistance
  • Good wrist seal to prevent debris from getting in


  • Inner liner does not turn inside-out when the gloves are removed, however, the material does become bunched up a bit.  This made for a little slower donning after hands were wet.


  • We did not get a chance to wear these gloves in the snow and ice.  The rough grip may provide a pretty good grip during winter months.  We also suspect these gloves will be warmer during colder months when compared with others.



How to order your Schmitz Mittz

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