HOT Extrication At The NY State Chiefs Conference

Day 1

Day 2

We had a great two days of hands-on extrication at the NY State Chiefs conference.  The students worked hard even during the constant monsoon on Thursday.  This is definitely a conference to attend for some awesome training.  Click the link above to follow all the training they do throughout the year on Facebook.

It was fun teaching with some rescue guys from Syracuse and Auburn.  Below are a few pictures and some teaching points.  Several links to previous posts are included to give you more teaching points.


Talking cribbing. Read more HERE. How much do you have? How can you get more?

Roll-over pinning. Many options to make this lift. Determine what is fastest and safest.

Some of the different options that where discussed and or performed included:  airbags, driving wedges, high-lift jacks, simple levers, hydraulic spreaders, and lifting struts.  Remember to always be thinking what other options you have in case Plan A doesn’t work.

School Bus Roll-Over Pinning Post

Doors and roofs

Roll-over rear tunneling pit.

Each crew had a scenario to work through to wrap up the day.

Looking forward to next year already.

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