Time To Get Back To Training, Burning, Breaking, & Cutting…

One more quick post on some of the people we met at FDIC 2013 then back to our regular scheduled training posts.  We’ll also be adding a few posts here and there about FF Brian Hackenburg’s triathlon fundraiser for the National Firefighter Endowment (click the logo on the righthand column for more info).


Some of these people below are firefighters, instructors, and/or innovators.  Be sure to check them for training and equipment.  Next week we’ll be teaching in the Heavy Rescue class at BGSU State Fire School.  There are 6 semi cabs, 3 school buses, 2 garbage trucks, and 16 cars lined up for 30 firefighters to cut on.  We will try to get pictures up each day next week and if time permits a post each night with a few lessons learned or teaching points.


Chris Moren and The Pig, Hasenmeier, Smitty from Boron Extrication


Sarah from Tecgen Xtreme, Hasenmeier, Smitty from Boron Extrication, and Todd from Tecgen Xtreme

Climbed for Douglas Miller, Rescue 5

We had a good time wearing the lightweight extrication gear from Tecgen Xtreme.  We wore the gear during the stair climb, although lighter than structural gear; we found that it would provide a definite advantage during extrication, wildland firefighting, and other technical rescue operations.  You can talk health and safety until your blue in the face, but is structural gear necessary for fighting a non-structural fire or working an extrication?    Reducing internal core temperature while prolonging the life of structural gear may be a growing trend.

We also heard a few grumblings of us wearing extrication gear during the climb and not structural gear.  Well, those grumblings are certainly unfortunate considering the cause, brotherhood at the event, and funds raised for the NFFF.  If anybody has the brass axes to criticize from a computer screen this year, then here is my proposal for next year:  I’ll climb next to you next year at FDIC with structural gear plus an airpack and make the donation for your entry fee.

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The Haix Fire Flash Xtreme boots were awesome during the stair climb. With Tracey Cline.

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Hasenmeier, Ryan Pennington (Views from the Jumpseat), Antonio Cugini (FoxFury), & Smitty from Boron Extrication

Packexe CEO Andrew Orchard talking with us about some new Packexe Smash developments.  Read our review HERE

We dropped in on the FoxFire booth on the way to the stair climb.  I had some helmet tets on my helmet, but right away Zac from FoxFire threw some helmet bands our way.  Check out the many illuminating products they have in addition to the new SCBA ID Tags.

We’ve been using the First Responder Jack during training for some time now.  Read the review HERE.  It was nice to meet Jeff Pugh along the way.

First Responder Jacks

It was nice to place a name with a face on several occasions, see the latest / greatest equipment, and chat with countless Brothers.  Now it’s time to get back to learning, burning, breaking, and cutting…

Pass it on!