FDIC 2013, Stair Climb, & An Award For First Due Tackle

Photo by Second Due Tackle photographer Kevin Gadd

Well, the annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis has come and gone, but not without many great memories and a recharged battery.  FDIC is truly an awesome event for learning, networking, and brotherhood.  If you haven’t made the trip, we all hope to see you there one of these years.    If you missed the post about Thursday’s journeys, CLICK HERE.

Also, on Thursday many Brothers attended the National Fallen Fire Firefighters dinner and auction.  A must attend event if you have never made it.  On our walk to the dinner, Veteran Firefighter Kevin Gadd brainstormed another website.  He said its going to be called Second Due Tackle and all posts will be re-shared from this page the next day.  We all got a laugh out of his idea, but in all seriousness, Kevin has contributed lots to the site, taken lots of pictures, carried a few bags, and taught during some of our classes.


NFFF Dinner and Auction

Stair Climb

We were checked in and waiting for the start of the stair climb ceremony when Smitty from Boron Extrication had a very special encounter.  Be sure to “LIKE” BORON EXTRICATION to read about the story soon.

The climb itself was very motivational.  The atmosphere, the 400+ on the stairs, and the constant words of encouragement we heard from one firefighter to another.  Below is a short video (about a minute) with several clips during the climb.


With Brother Snyder and Brotherton from Sandusky (OH) FD and Brother Bronner from Perkins Twp (OH) FD after the climb.

FireRescue / FirefighterNation Award

We hit the road for home after the stair climb because firehouse duty was on the calendar for Saturday morning.  We missed the FireRescue meet-up, but were notified the next morning of being recognized for one of the 2013 Fire Service Writers Awards.   Shannon Pieper, Editorial Director, wrote that “the fire service has long depended on the generosity of its members in sharing their knowledge to teach the next generation.”

FireRescue / FirefighterNation Awards

Whether you get an idea on the FDT page, contribute to the conversation via social media, share your ideas for all to see, or pass your knowledge on to the young guys – THANK YOU.

Don’t let your education journey stop, stay disciplined, and pass it on!