Busy Week…Bee Cupcakes, FF Survival, Dummies, & more

It’s been a busy week as most of the guys have been training here, there, and everywhere and some have even been studying for college classes or thinking about taking some.  Some of the highlights are included below.  More to come tomorrow as many of us are headed to a Firefighter Survival Seminar hosted by the Northern Ohio Fools.

A little over a week ago I posted about our Rookie Firefighter the Sweat Bee.  If you missed it check it out HERE.  Last Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday) Charlie’s fiancee got in on the mix by bringing the “Hornets” some bee cupcakes.  What a treat.


This past Wednesday, February 6th was the 3rd anniversary of a very successful rescue of Columbus Division of Fire Lt. Polasky after he went into cardiac arrest while operating at a basement fire.  Many of you have seen the video, but in case you haven’t  be sure to spend 30 minutes watching it with your crew.  Then get out and train together.  If you have already seen the video, watch it again, and then go train some more.


CMC sent us a MPD to train with.  Many who have used the MPD say that it simplifies rope rescue systems.  Be sure to comment with any input you have.  We will be getting more pictures up soon.

We also picked up a few more parts to our new friend that is growing bigger and bigger.  Won’t be long and he’ll be getting abused on a training ground.

Last but not least, Uncle Pigskin shipped up a new lumbar plate and a couple of flashlight clips.  Once, they are installed we’ll share the picture.  Word out of the leather shop is that a truckskin may be headed North soon.  Be sure to check out his work.  Lot’s of custom work being done and accessories for numerous types of belts.


Pass it on!