UFO by Rock Exotica – Product Review

We have been playing with the UFO from Rock Exotica a little bit lately.  The UFO is described as a Universal Focusing Object. A new generation of rigging plate allowing you to position in three dimensions.

Rock Exotica explains that rigging plates excel at keeping your rigging organized. They simplify the situation by multiplying anchors and keeping various lines orderly.

Below you will find the specifications on the UFO along with several scenarios that we have set up.  The interesting part so far is the potential for the UFO to be beneficial in other situations besides high-angle rope rescue.  As we use the UFO or find new ways that it may be useful, we will be sure to post.


Weight: 16 oz.

Heigth / Width: 3.5″

Breaking Strength: 36 kN = 8093 lbs.

 Below is a video from youtube that I found when searching for others using the UFO.


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High-angle vertical lifting with the UFO

Picture from Andrew Brassard

Another option for the UFO was in the extrication scene.  Although not as probable, we did incorporate the UFO into rigging to tie back a vehicle on its side.  It would be easier to just attach the straps to the picket, but this set-up sparked thoughts of anchoring the UFO and then attaching numerous tether lines for rescuers working around the edge in high-angle and confined space scenarios.

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Be sure to share your uses of the UFO below and look for more pictures as we find more uses for it.

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