Props / Training / Videos and More…

We have been fairly busy lately with prop making and training.  Below are pictures, descriptions, and a few videos of the props in action.  At the bottom of the page is a firefighter field day flyer if anyone is looking for some CE’s this summer in a pick what you play type format.  Many of the props in this post will be at the training.


First up is a homemade chisel prop that has 1/4″ bolts, 1/4″ school bus rivets, and 1/8″ rivets.  Basic air chisel operations can be perfected on this prop.  We are looking for your suggestions of air chisels to demo and try on this prop.  More videos to come in the next few months on air chisel operations.


Second, this homemade padlock prop is still being fine tuned so it is reusable and easily reset.  Thanks to FF Stout for the shop time.






Third, this homemade forcible entry prop has felt nearly 800 forces.  What are you using to train gap/set/force techniques?  Read more on the forcible entry prop here and here.


Stayed tuned for updates from the NY State Fire Chiefs conference this weekend.

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