Ladder Bucket Standpipe

Can we set-up an elevated standpipe off of the ladder bucket?  That is just what a couple young firefighters asked and it turned into a fine company drill.  This is an example of the younger generations breaking the lazy and unmotivated stereotypes.  

Here is what they wanted to know:

  • Can we use the bucket as an elevated standpipe?  Yes.
  • How many lines can we deploy?  Get up in the bucket and figure it out.

They knew a 2 1/2″ or 3″ hose could be connected to a discharge on the front of the bucket.  They quickly realized that the stacked tips could be removed on one of the master streams and another hose could be connected.   So, in the end, the dotcom firefighters figured out that they could easily supply up to two 3″ hoses, throw gated y’s on, and deploy at least four 1 3/4″ handlines.

Young firefighters wanting to learn is refreshing, get out of the recliners and pass your knowledge on.