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Moving Blocks Around The Yard

Here's a quick recap from a lifting and moving class at Ehove Fire Academy. We had a couple hours to talk cribbing, airbags, prybars, driving wedges, and high-lift jacks. It's not work when your having fun playing with blocks.

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Garbage Trucks – Lifting A Heavy Load

After getting home late Sunday night from the Rippin Rescue in Westminster, SC, I was hurrying to the curb with my bags of trash Monday morning just as the garbage truck rolled up. Two days earlier we were finding ways to extricate a victim pinned by a car that rear-ended the truck.

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Heavy Lifting with the High-Lift Jack

Heavy lifting takes tools, training, and critical thinking.  For this training tip, we are going to look at the basic mechanical high-lift jack.  Pretend for a few minutes that all of your pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric tools are broke.  I’m not saying go back to the Stone Age all the time, but some basic tools and skills may help you ...

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