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Our Hybrid Challenge Continues


The other day we rode to a hybrid auto class in a 1966 Jeep. Basically, it's a death trap that includes no roll-over protection, gas tank under the driver's seat, and lap belts that will keep only your hips from being cut off, rubbed off, or pinned under something during a crash.

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Escape From Side Presentation


The crash shown in the pictures left this Ford Escape in a side presentation with the drivers side down. It was unstable side to side, however the drivers side front tire was buried in the stone providing a starting point for stabilization.

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Using Technology at Car Wrecks


Some say its to slow, but a little practice, a decent MDT or ipad, and having a general knowledge of vehicles on the road can make you faster and safer on the wreck scene. Michael Smith had an article out yesterday where he talked about avoiding high strength steels when your tools are dated.

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