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Fire Behavior Prop

firebehav (2)

The next few paragraphs and pictures are from Andrew Brassard. The prop he built to talk about fire behavior worked great. Check it out and talk about the stages of fire with your crew. What are you looking for when, where, and why as you crawl into each building.

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Parapet Walls and the 360


During a recent company training we pre-planned a local strip-mall. When we were looking at the back of the building we noticed that the mortar holding the bricks together at the bottom of the parapet wall was missing.

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Ventilation, Modular Construction, and Bed Bugs


Let me first say, this video is not about the tactic to ventilate a single story ranch joint, because most often your right, we wouldn't. We had a roof and this was one part of the training to learn about a louvered cut and in the end, the modular home truss system.

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