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Huge Poultry Farm Fire In China


Many reports this morning of a huge poultry farm fire in China that killed over one hundred workers. Definitely a difficult situation for first arriving crews. Watch the news for more on this one throughout the day as information develops.

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No Emergency – Are You Sure?


We received this quick little reminder and training piece from David Walsh.  From the emails it comes from Brothers at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (Gustin and Garcia). A small fire in the cellulose ended up requiring us to drop the entire ceiling in the kitchen. No smoke inside the structure or initially showing on the exterior. The lazy officer could very easily ...

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The Turkeys Are Coming


A good reminder about what is coming and how to combat it in this post from FF Charlie Hillman. Without a doubt we will end up seeing some crazy pictures or video of turkey assisted fires within the week.

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Barn Burner, Hand In a Fish Slicer, & More Locks


October is alway a busy month with fire prevention activities, so here are a few topics to get your training geared back up. Ultimately, we have to expect fire, expect entrapments, and expect to break stuff. There are a bunch of links throughout this post to help with a company drill or table top discussion.

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Auto Fire Review


Here's some review materials for a tabletop company drill on vehicle fires from Brent Bronner. The motivation for the review came after seeing the GM recall on the popular Cruze do to fire risk, read more here. Also check out previous posts on magnesium vehicle fires with video here and here. Pass it on!

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