SearchSleeve – Product Review

searchsleevephoto 4We have been using the SEARCHSLEEVE for a while now and have even given out a few during trainings and social media give-aways thanks to the guys in Syracuse, NY.  Our feedback along with some from other users is embedded throughout this review.  Overall, the SEARCHSLEEVE is a solid firefighter innovation and great option for a personal light.  


From the SEARCHSLEEVE website:  Instead of aiming your helmet or grabbing the light mounted to you gear, you just aim your SEARCHSLEEVE to the direction you want.  SEARCHSLEEVE is not limited to Truck or Rescue companies perfroming search operations.  It can be used by Engine companies stretching lines, Truck companies opening up roofs, confined space entry, HAZMAT and any other application that you can come up with.  


Advantages: photo 3

  • Easy on/off of the flashlight when in the SEARCHSLEEVE.
  • Searchsleeve stays on your coat and doesn't slide off when working.
  • Makes it easy to direct light to where you are working (saws, handtools, hydraulics) or searching.  This is different than your right-angle or box light shinning at the ground.  
  • Price is firefighter friendly compared to many light options.
  • The SEARCHSLEEVE® is treated with a fire retardant chemical which meets NFPA 701 ASTM E-84 UL 79P1 fire retardant coatings.


  • When swinging an axe and pulling the cord on a saw, the flashlight slipped out of the SEARCHSLEEVE a couple times leaving it hanging.   It is important to make sure the SEARCHSLEEVE is at least halfway onto the black end of the flashlight to prevent this from happening.     

photo 2This is the right way to load the flashlight.

  • Some have said the SEARCHSLEEVE is to tight on the arm.  It is recommended to put the SEARCHSLEEVE over a 2 liter bottle over night to stretch it out a bit if needed.

Price: $20 for the SEARCHSLEEVE or $60 for the SEARCHSLEEVE and a LED Streamlight (4AA)

Free Shipping In The U.S. (December Only)

Video below shows the SEARCHSLEEVE in action.  The LED Streamlight is directed right where my hand is working or being moved.  You will see that I was able to sweep the upstairs room and find the victim quickly.  My partner on the search had a box light hanging on his side.  


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