A RYNO In Your Pocket – What’s That All About?

Some of the tools available.


Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on Ryno Concealment’s tool caddy.  They have been making gun holsters and other accessories for some time.  The founder, Ryan, is a Kansas City firefighter by trade and his innovation is tested on the streets.  He wanted some feedback from a different perspective, so we added our 2 or 3 cents.  He has been receptive to the ideas and the product seems to be a solid piece for all firefighters from big city to small town.


The tool caddy is made with Kydex, which is a thermoplastic sometimes used in place of leather.  It is a hard material that requires heat to mold into position.  Ryan’s secrete is a toaster oven that was collecting dust in his basement.  Below is a picture of the tool caddy when it first arrived.  It included channellocks, an 11 in 1 screwdriver, and cutters.


The demo caddy

One problem we first experienced was the screwdriver tips fell out of the handle when riding in the bunker pocket.  We also predicted that the screwdriver tips could potentially puncture the bunker pocket.  Ryan was receptive to fixing the problem and came up with the fix in the picture below.  The screwdriver is solid in the caddy, but comes out easily with a twist.  It is in black Keydex only because he ran out of orange.  You can get yours entirely in either color.


Reviewing this tool caddy all started a month or two ago after I posted a picture of my old tool pouch that had tools falling through some holes.  I was pretty used to pulling the old tool pouch out of the bunker pocket and selecting the tool needed.  So, securing the new tool caddy into the pocket was not a huge deal.  However, several other firefighters thought it would be a good idea to tie the caddy into the pocket to allow for one-handed tool removal.  After consulting with Ryan, he suggested using paracord.  We weaved the paracod into the eyelets of the caddy and then put the cord through the drain holes in the bottom of the pocket.  Two overhand knots on top of each other prevented the paracord from being pulled through when removing a tool.   The last tool removed (cutters) seemed a bit tight, but will probably become a bit more smooth after use.

Several options of cutters. Ryan is saying the small bolt cutters on the left are awesome. We have not played with them, but did see his video demonstrating cutting a 16d penny nail with one hand.

Be sure to contact Ryan via Facebook, cell 816-898-7246, or his website linked below for a new tool caddy.  He can also make a custom caddy if there are other tools you prefer.


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