More Training From The Horse Barn

Last week we posted about a horse barn forcible entry training.  The project started when I was asked to help a young firefighter-to-be prepare for a high school demonstration.  Read last weeks post HERE.  Unfortunately, the young lad won’t be going to the regional qualifier because other students presenting on basket weaving and the aerodynamics of horseshoes were selected instead.   I don’t get it, we don’t get it, but all I can say is keep training and learning.


Jenga or blocks for the prop?

After last weeks post, we’ve had more interest in the training by some local firefighters.  Since we were teaching anyways we didn’t turn anybody away.  After a quick breakfast we all headed to the horse barn.  One good thing about an ad hoc training like this is that more guys add to the conversation and the passing of knowledge is easily transferred.

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Below is the firefighter-to-be demonstrating on the residential side of the prop.  Remember, this is one technique and not necessarily the gold standard.  Your text book teaches you one way and the street teaches you multiple ways.  In the video you will see how he works with two tools and rotates the tools so they work more efficiently.  At very least, this technique on this prop makes the firefighter think about tool placement and how the forces are applied.  Talk with your crews about the different options of forcing doors.


Tool Caddy

In other news, we have been helping Ryan at Ryno Concealment refine his firefighters tool caddy.  The product is improving and being used on the street in Kansas City and several other locations.  They are working on a website, but for now be sure to “Like” the Facebook page for updates and contact information.  More coming soon.

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