Santa Rescue Guide 3 of 3 – Crashing A Sleigh

Have fun reading the Santa Rescue Guide, it was fun writing with a twist of humor, sarcasm, and holiday spirit.  Although only a hint of training in each, we have included some training links at the bottom of each post. 

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You are called for a crash into house with reports of someone yelling HO HO H-O-SHIT just before impact.  If you stopped believing, you better think again because Santa just wrecked his rig.  Even with all those magic powers, Santa relies on some of the latest technology to orchestrate his one night of hustle and bustle.


On arrival you find a couple elves herding the raindeer in the front yard.  All are unscathed except for Rudolph who has a busted beak from hitting the mailbox on the way down.  One elf said that Santa hit the emergency eject button for the raindeer when he lost control.  Another elf said that Santa is still in the sleigh that went through the roof.

After a walk-around you determine the structure to be fairly stable condition minus the hole in the roof.  Rescuers holler into Santa who said nobody else is in this house.  Asked how he knows, Santa said that he checked his list and this family in scheduled for a delivery elsewhere.  All Santa wants is some help getting the sleigh out of the house quickly so he can get back to his deliveries.

The sleigh is having some sort of electrical issues because the lights and dashboard are flickering like Clark Griswald’s house.  One big problem is that not even the folks behind the Crash Recovery System have come up with a drawing of Santa’s sleigh.  A google search found the sleigh drawings below, but a call to the North Pole didn’t confirm either set of specifications.

Santa helps with the power shut down and scolds the rookie heading for the orange cable with wire cutters.  A few minutes go by without a plan for sleigh removal as rescuers consider textbook structural collapse techniques.  Santa jumps into the conversation when he said, “We ain’t got time for that!  Get a hook in here and yank it out.”

Within minutes, the sleigh is out and Santa’s elves get the raindeer hooked back up to the sleigh.  The crew is disappointed as Santa leaves in such a hurry without sticking around for some milk and cookies, but can relate to missing a meal.

If your on duty Christmas Eve, be sure to track Santa as he moves in on your jurisdiction HERE.


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