Santa Rescue Guide 1 of 3 – Present Spill

Have fun reading the Santa Rescue Guide, it was fun writing with a twist of humor, sarcasm, and holiday spirit.  Although only a hint of training in each, we have included some training links at the bottom of each post.   

You are called to an unknown spill.   When you arrive you find the big guy with presents all over the road.  What in the world are you ever going to do?  In this section of the Santa Rescue Guide we will discuss what to do in this situation.



As with any incident scene, life safety should always be of the utmost priority.   Since the sleigh can be looked at like a UPS truck, who knows what kind of joy he is hauling.  Always approach up hill and up wind if you can.  If the spill would happen to be on a rooftop you may want to approach using an aerial device.

From a safe distance, try to identify a placard on the sleigh, or get on a megaphone and yell to an elf.   Remember the sleigh would be placarded on all four sides.  If you can see placarding use your Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) to look up the cargo.  Yeah right, it is highly doubtfull the sleigh will be placarded due to the nature of the business and the weight of the load for flight.  Some sort of magic is believed to propel the reindeer.  If you do not see a placard and can not make it to the sleigh to look for Shipping Documents.  The papers will be located in a velvet pouch toward the front of the sleigh, similar to the material of the suit.  Do not get fooled by the cookie crumbs.  If you cannot find any other identifiers treat this spill using Guide 111 in the ERG, mixed load/unidentified cargo.


Securing the sleigh may require the help of animal control, as the long-term effects of reindeer bites are still unknown.   If Santa is cruising around in a hybrid sleigh you will be able to tell this from the orange colored reins (Do not cut the orange reins).  More on sleigh extrication later in the guide.

If Santa and any elves are conscious have them self-rescue to a safe location.

Key Points to remember for this incident:

–       Fill your spots of Command early

–       Scene safety is key

–       Position uphill and up wind.

–       If any of the presents are making a whistling sound withdraw immediately.

–       Do not walk through the presents.

–       Eliminate all ignition sources, including the magic of Santa’s sleigh and Rudolph’s bright nose.

Training Links:

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