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Training Wall Prop and Roof Attachment

The prop below seems to be a fairly inexpensive way to get your crews some good training.  We have not used this prop, but after watching the video below and reading the plans, it is definitely worth passing on.  If you have any specific questions email Dale Pekel at  A downloadable link for the plans is after the video.


Video Description: By: Dale Pekel

This is a new prop that I designed and constructed to be used in conjunction with the FF Training Wall Prop that I first built quite a few years ago – It’s called the Pitched Roof Attachment.

A variety of skills can be practiced on this prop which will help prepare FFs to operate more efficiently and safely from pitched roofs. The prop can be adjusted to 3 different pitches including a 6/12, 9/12 and 12/12 – The low height of the prop is great for training new FFs who don’t yet feel comfortable or confident working on a full height roof.

Just like the FF Training Wall Prop, there isn’t one component in the Pitched Roof Attachment that is longer than 8 feet or wider than 4 feet – This allows the prop to be easily transported and assembled nearly anywhere. On inclement days it can even be set up right inside the apparatus bay of the fire house.

The cost of the Pitched Roof Attachment shown in the video was approximately $300.00.


Download plans here:  Prop Plans
Pass it on!

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