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Type 2 Roof Work, Hoarding, and Extrication

It was nice to sit and learn in a few classes today at the Ohio Fire & EMS Expo after a busy few days.  Check out yesterday’s post for additional resources on school bus extrication and stabilizing/moving here.


Type 2 Roof Work

In Captain Greg Lash’s presentation on Type 2 roof ventilation, his crew showed a video they put together during training.  The techniques in the video solved a problem they faced on a flat roof.  They are looking into being able to share the video right here on FDT so we all can benefit from their research and skill development.  

The presentation covered; saws, blades, different layers of insulation and coverings, and to always take the tools you need and may need to the roof.  Captain Lash stressed the importance of training to build crew teamwork and a good “feel” of the saw.

After the presentation, Captain Lash told me to check out the front of the new Columbus tiller in the expo hall.  He went on to say that when he was teaching an elevator class in Huron a few years back he saw the handles just below the windshield on the new engine and was told they are to use when cleaning the windshield instead of yanking off the windshield wipers.  He passed the idea on and it became part of their specs.

Hoarding Hazards

FF Pennigton

Firefighter Ryan Pennington has been researching a lot about the hazards we all will face in fires with hoarding conditions.  Check out Views From The Jumpseat on facebook, but also connect with him on twitter.  Ryan’s conversation had numerous points that couldn’t be summarized in this short post, but here is one that was new for these ears; 380 size-up.  At first, I thought WTF, we are finally getting officers to walk around a building and now we have to add another 20 degrees.  Here’s the explanation: the extra 20 degrees comes by taking a look in any cars in the driveway.  If you see a car that has hoarding conditions you can expect to see something similar in the residence.  Makes good sense, but Ryan is first to admit he has no concrete data to back it up, just a hunch.  The data will come sooner or later I bet.



On the way out of Columbus this afternoon traffic slowed for a crash in Rescue 16′s first due.  Some of the best in the business and great mentors where in on this one.  Pic to the left.

We also learned of a school bus roll-over in Tennessee where 2 dozen students were injured.  Read more about the incident here and here, but also be sure to check out the resources on the FDT School Bus Extrication page.  Below is a video from a previous school bus roll-over in Ohio


Also, be sure to check out Boron Extrication’s latest post which includes videos of our Packexe Smash demo.  Below is one video to get your attention.


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