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Triathlon Wrap-Up / FF Endurance / Sponsor For 2013

Swim course off of Cedar Point

Last weekend several of us competed in the Revolution 3 Cedar Point triathlon that tested varying degrees of endurance.  Does this type of endurance translate into endurance on the fireground?  You bet it does.  Leading up to the triathlon, we trained together and pushed each other to new limits.  Read previous posts leading up to the latest triathlon here and here.


Saturday was supposed to be the day for the sprint distance race in which we had a handful of firefighters scheduled to participate on teams.  Some of us were using the sprint race as a warmup for Sunday.  Unfortunately, a 30 knot northwest blow created 8 foot waves on the shore of Lake Erie that cancelled the swim and torrential rain flooded the bike course.  Myself, Brother Coletta and Brother Ruggles were dry docked at a local breakfast nook weathering the storm.

The weather cleared Saturday afternoon and the Sunday races went off with great weather.  Brother firefighter Brian Hackenburg successfully completed the full 140.6 mile distance while other firefighters competed on teams.  Below are a few pictures from throughout the day.

As the 2012 triathlon season comes to a close in our area, we are already looking forward to next year.  We are hopeful to create more firefighter interest and enter more teams into multiple events in 2013.  This is one heck of a way to encourage firefighter fitness and build the brotherhood.


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  • h deezy

    Congrats to everyone for finishing.
    I started as a triathlete, went pro/elite, now am into road cycling racing currently, I’ll dabble in duathlons just for giggles. If there’s one thing I can say, its to NEVER STOP training, especially after a race. Taper back up rapidly just as you tapered down and continue in the sport!

    Motivating your crew and fellow firefighters to get up and go is probably the most difficult. And that, brother, is more commendable than anything else. Cardiovascular fitness is FAR more important than strength training in this profession.

    Again, congrats on a lifetime achievement.

  • firstduetackle

    Thanks for the advice brother.

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