Hackman On Being Fit For Duty & Packexe Smash

Firefighter Brian Hackenburgs  journey to attempting the full Rev3 Cedar Point triathlon

Well, back in 2009 after sitting at home all day taking care of my oldest daughter Kayli, I started to notice how out of shape and overweight I had become. I weighed 218 pounds and could hardly run a 5K anymore.


I’ve always considered myself in good shape and started to worry about my health being a firefighter. Then, I was approached by a co-worker at the firehouse in the fall of 2009 who asked me if I would be interested in the half marathon portion of a new triathlon series coming to Cedar Point called the Rev3.  It sounded like a good reason to try and get back into shape, so I told him yes.

I spent the entire next 10 months running to get ready for the 2010 half Rev3.  The first year my half marathon time was 1:48.  My team agreed to do the half relay again in 2011, so I spent the next year running any chance I had. I also took up swimming to mix it up a bit, as running started to get boring.  So, when the 2011 Rev3 came, I was in much better condition and actually thought about doing the entire half Rev3 myself.

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My 2011 half marathon time greatly improved with a time of 1:39 and our team actually placed 3rd in the relay division that year.  I decided that I would buy a bike and do it myself in 2012.  By increasing my training in 2012 to 3-4 hours a day I recently weighed in at 164 pounds, down 54 pounds from 218.  So, all this hard work was starting to show. I found it easier to perform on and off the fireground and decided to sign up for the 140.6 mile full Rev3.

With The 140.6 Mile Full Rev just a couple days away, I am trying to get all this nervous energy out of the way. I believe I have the endurance to complete this grueling test, but it will not be easy. This just goes to show if you put the time and hard work in, the results are great!

*For those of you already in triathlon training or maybe want to give it a shot, Valdora Cycles gives firefighters a discount on bikes.


Packexe Smash

We will be joining Boron Extrication next week for some auto extrication training where we will get a chance to demo the Packexe Smash product.  It is a glass management product used to protect victims and rescuers from glass fragments.  We will be sure to pass on our findings.

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