How Much Endurance Is In Your Tackle Box – Firefighters & Triathlons

We don’t usually post a whole lot on firefighter fitness, however it is definitely an important aspect of how we do our trade.  Check out Fire Service Warrior and EngineCo22 for regular fitness posts.  A friend and brother firefighter, Brian Hackenburg, has been training for the full 140.6 mile triathlon distance.  Several other of us are competing on team relays of varying distances.  Some are even doing the sprint distance on the Saturday before the big race for a little warm-up. This will be the Pre – Rev3Triathlon Cedar Point post with another to follow after the September 9th race.


Hack in transition – Vermilion Tri

Vermilion swim course

We pulled together a couple teams plus Hack on his own to compete in an olympic distance triathlon a few weeks ago in Vermilion, Ohio.  It was definitely an eye opener for me as I have only followed the lines on the bottom of a pool in previous competition.  Swimming in a straight line with people all around was a bit more challenging.

The olympic distance consists of a 1 mile swim, 40k bike, and 10k run.


Hack finishing in Vermilion

Swim Training – Lake Erie

We have been putting in miles of swimming along the Southern shore of Lake Erie for the last few weeks.  Today’s swim was 2.25 miles.  Afterward, we did go perch jerking for a few hours.  In the picture below you will see steam coming from a smokestack over my shoulder.  That’s what we were swimming towards.

Keep your endurance up and train hard.  It will help you in many aspects on the fireground.

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