Mechanix Wear Leather Extrication Gloves – Product Review

Over the last few weeks during various trainings and prop builds, we have put the new Mechanix Wear Leather Extrication glove to the test.  Some of the specifics of the glove from the manufacturer are listed first followed by a video and several pictures.  The gloves are available on the Mechanix website now and from various retailers in the near future.

Here is a description of the Mechanix Wear Leather Education Gloves right from the web: Fire, Safety and Rescue professionals all can use the hand protection offered by the Leather Extrication glove. Premium Cowhide Leather protects the palm and between fingers while reinforced Kevlar® panels add grip and puncture resistance. The top of the hand is protected by a Kevlar® outer shell as well as TPR knuckle and finger protection. An elastic gaiter cuff keeps debris out, making this glove versatile enough for everything from extrication to overhaul.


Sizes: S – XXL


  • Leather and Kevlar® shell resists slashing, cuts, and abrasion
  • Dexterity and grip
  • Knuckle and finger protection
  • Cuff to prevent debris from entering glove
  • Gloves held up under all testing


  • No blood borne pathogen protection
  • No chemical resistance
  • Punctures could occur with enough force
  • Not waterproof
  • Not a structural fire glove

Water Test


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Grip, Dexterity, Knuckle & Finger Protection

These were definite pluses to these gloves.  The added protection on the back side of the hand is especially good for any rescuer that knows what it feels like to bust a knuckle when you pry into something or miss your target.  The gloves were used while working with multiple hand tools, a grinder, a torch, a reciprocating saw, hydraulic cutters with no complaints about grip.  Just a side note: these gloves are not good for picking up hot steel.  Here are a few pictures:

Mechanix Wear is new to the fire-rescue glove market, but they put together a real nice glove.  If you leave out structural firefighting and hazmat these gloves will provide rescuers with excellent hand protection.  They also have the ArmorCore Extrication Glove coming in Septmeber 2012.

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