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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mechanix Wear Leather Extrication Gloves – Product Review


Over the last few weeks during various trainings and prop builds, we have put the new Mechanix Wear Leather Extrication glove to the test.  Some of the specifics of the glove from the manufacturer are listed first followed by a video and several pictures.  The gloves are available on the Mechanix website now and from various retailers in the near ...

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Using Technology at Car Wrecks


Some say its to slow, but a little practice, a decent MDT or ipad, and having a general knowledge of vehicles on the road can make you faster and safer on the wreck scene. Michael Smith had an article out yesterday where he talked about avoiding high strength steels when your tools are dated.

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Gable Roof Destruction


Last weeks post on some ventilation training (Read Here) spurred an idea Phil Burden and some other seasoned firefighters have wanted to try. The idea was to cut the roof between the first and second trusses from gutter to gutter over the ridge.

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Ventilation, Modular Construction, and Bed Bugs


Let me first say, this video is not about the tactic to ventilate a single story ranch joint, because most often your right, we wouldn't. We had a roof and this was one part of the training to learn about a louvered cut and in the end, the modular home truss system.

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