Anhydrous Nurse Trailer – Company Drill

This company drill was passed over to me from Lt Bronner (Perkins Township FD).

Many of you are seeing anhydrous nurse trailer throughout your jurisdictions this time of year.  The “nurse trailer” in this picture was parked about 15 feet from a country road.  Immediately, three things popped into my head.

The first was a video that a coworker (Bryan Brace) sent to me.


Next I started to wonder what valves I would find and how did this trailer work.  After watching the above video I did not want to stop and get out and touch a thing.

Finally, the last thing that went through my head was the type of incidents this trailer could be involved in.  This could be anything from a car crashing into it, faulty equipment, to a person trying to steal what is inside of it.

After all this thinking a few points to remember came to my head.

  • Maintain good situational awareness.
  • Look at the whole picture on arrival.
  • Always park defensively.  Including uphill and upwind at haz mat incidents.
  • Use your Emergency Response Guidebook and look for placards
  • Structural firefighting gear is not an all hazard garment.
  • When you leave your station take a quick second and look at the flag pole.  (What way is the flag blowing and how hard is it blowing)
  • Train for what could happen as well as what has happened.

Pass it on!