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Monthly Archives: May 2012

School Bus Roll-Over in Virginia


Is your department prepared for the challenges you may face if a school bus loaded with children is involved in a crash. This past Wednesday a school bus rolled over in Virginia. It is fortunate that reports are stating all injuries are considered minor. The picture to the left is from a training scenario a few years back.

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More Jack Team Work On A Roll-Over Pinning


What are your options when faced with a vehicle roll-over pinning? What comes to mind first? Airbags, hydraulic tools, wreckers, jacks, lifting struts, pry bars, wedges?For this scenario you have a single victim pinned under an overturned vehicle. What is the safest and fastest option to free the victim? For the remainder of the discussion we are going to show the use of a jack. In the picture to the left and video to follow you will see the First Responder Jack in use, another common option is the farm-jack. Add other options in the comments below.

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First Responder Jack – Review


We have recently had the opportunity to review the First Responder Jack. Although we have more to do, a bunch of techniques with this jack have been completed. This tool is firefighter-designed and has up to a 46oo lb. of lifting and winching options.

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First Due Tackle Goes Live


It is with great excitement that we can announce the launch of this new Fire&EMS blog network site. Much of the information on this site has been transferred in from my old blog including the posts contributed by others.

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Training Websites, Blogs, and Magazines


A few weeks ago, brother fire instructor Melvin Harrington from NY posed the question in Facebook group The Training Room:  What training sites should we provide on a list for new graduates leaving our academies?  The list is certainly not all inclusive, but here’s what was added.  If you have more you think should be added comment below with the ...

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Anhydrous Nurse Trailer – Company Drill


This company drill was passed over to me from Lt Bronner (Perkins Township FD). Many of you are seeing anhydrous nurse trailer throughout your jurisdictions this time of year.  The “nurse trailer” in this picture was parked about 15 feet from a country road.  Immediately, three things popped into my head. The first was a video that a coworker (Bryan ...

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