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Monthly Archives: April 2012

My Dad’s Death, FDIC & Huron Rescue Squad Fund


By now many of you know I scrambled out of the last classroom session at FDIC due to a medical emergency back home.  My dad went into cardiac arrest, but was given every shot at survival due to the early activation of EMS by my father-in-law, the Huron Fire Department, and numerous hospital personnel.  I made it to the hospital Friday ...

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School Bus Extrication Training Today and at FDIC 2012

 Another great day of cutting up school buses at the Northern Ohio Fools Heavy Rescue 101.  Below are a few pictures, but more importantly we learned a few tricks for extricating a victim that is pinned between the roof and the top of a seat-back in a roll-over with significant intrusion.  I’ll be adding a few things to the presentation ...

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Full Bucket Swing Extrication


Here’s a not so routine extrication to think about as you cruise by your local public park.  How are you going to get a child out of a full bucket swing who has become stuck. The scenario is: a child’s legs are to big for the openings, but gravity squeezed them in for the swing ride.  Now, the child can’t ...

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First Responder High-Lift Jack


I’ve been a pretty big proponent of using the basics when we can.  High-lift jacks (AKA – farm jacks) are one of those pieces of equipment that are quick to use.  Here’s a previous post on jack training.  Read on.  We will be putting the First Responder High Lift Jack through the field tests in the coming month of training. ...

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How School Buses Are Made

The video below shows parts of Blue Bird Corporations manufacturing process.  It will help you get an idea of where the strongest parts of the bus are located.  Of course different manufacturers have varying methods. It is important to know the construction of school buses, so we can attack them in the weakest areas first.  Ultimately they are built like ...

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