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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Ops


Many of us in the fire service are getting back to the basics and this post will dive into Sawzall / reciprocating saw operations.  I’ve included a bit of history, pictures, and some tips that will hopefully help contain your emotions prior to throwing this valuable tool to the side.  Don’t be fooled, it takes practice to rip through the ...

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SFD Firefighters Practice Forcible Entry

Firefighters in Sandusky (OH) had the opportunity to repetitively force a commercial / residential door simulator.  Props like this help us perfect our trade.  Check out the pictures below and visit Brotherhood Instructors blog for additional forcible entry training. [slideshow] Pass it on!

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Tuscarawas County (OH) School Bus Extrication

Great day of school bus extrication training in Tuscarawas County.  We definitely landed on a school bus graveyard today.  Check out the pictures below and on Facebook.  Thanks to all that attended and instructors: Jason Deptula, Jamie Starcher, and JD Vasbinder. Four stations of work:  roll-over pinning, roof and floor breaching, sidewall breaching and seat removal, and dash-rolling / rear ...

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Mercury Exposure


This information was passed on to me from David Walsh via Deputy Commissioner John Horan (OC Fire Services – NY).  The links below are very graphic pictures of severe effects from mercury exposure.  Of course its a potential hazard in many of our homes, but also on the fireground.

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Liquid CO2 Hazards

Liquid CO2 is a hazard that is now being found in restaurants.  These systems are decreasing the number of CO2 bottle changes needed, however, many of the hoses are plastic and subject to damage.  When a hose develops a crack, the liquid CO2 expands at a high ratio quickly filling the area.  Unsuspecting persons may quickly become unconscious as O2 ...

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What Are You Doing To Improve Your Instructorship?

Whether you are an instructor, mentor, or supervisor you need to get a grip on your students.  The following highlights will reflect on my recent trip to Aberdeen, South Dakota and the lively bunch of attendees that helped keep the conversation realistic yet thought provoking.  As you scan through the topics consider what you are doing to improve your instructorship ...

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