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Monthly Archives: September 2011

School Bus Extrication in Oregon, OH

Awesome night extrication training with the Oregon Fire Department.  Even some good media press for the fire service, click the link for the video below. Oregon Fire Department School Bus Extrication News Clip The school bus we trained on was involved in a crash over three years ago in Jerusalem Township (OH).  Just happens that we did a school bus ...

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Roll-Over Pinning Basics


I’ve been on somewhat of a rant about getting back to the basics with some extrication techniques lately.  Mainly because we sometimes get overzealous in our efforts to use the most fancy electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic tools.  Tunnel vision, maybe.  Remember, you may need two or three options to perform a rescue.  Keep it simple, fast, and safe. A recent ...

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Avon (OH) Fire Department Forcible Entry Training

Great training with Avon (OH) firefighters of all experience levels.  Thanks for the invite.  Pictures are worth more than words as usual, so the summary will be short. What tools are on your rig?  Different haligans, axes, sledgehammers? Gap, Set, Force the door!  Repetition is hard to come by, so take advantage of acquired structures and props. Know your saw; ...

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Truck Fire With Magnesium Fireworks

This truck fire appeared routine on arrival.  The driver reported no occupants in the truck and no hazmats in the box.  You’ll see a quick knock down with water and foam, but burning magnesium kept burning through the foam blanket. Usually more H2O will suppress this type of burning metal fire, but sand was used for final extinguishment in this ...

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