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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Saving Our Own – Columbus Fire Lt. Polaski Rescue


A bread-and- fire on  February 6, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio ended in the amazing rescue of one of our own.  Columbus Fire Lt. Mike Polaski collapsed and went into cardiac arrest while operating in the basement.   You will gain a great deal of insight into this incident by watching the video.  Lt. Polaski not only survived, but provides great motivation ...

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Back to the Basics With Wedges


Some of you probably remember having to lift something heavy with wedges and cribbing.  That isn’t the case with many of the new recruits, mainly because we show them how to use the hydraulics and pneumatics first.  Then we forget to give them more options, basic options.  What if the front line tools don’t work or are on another call.  ...

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Barrel Vaulted Ceiling


Check out this picture of a barrel vaulted ceiling prior to drywall.  The roof construction utilizes engineered wood I-beams.  The rest of the room is constructed with conventional sticks.

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Huron Fire Department Ladder Struck On A Highway


This report is based on information from recorded times, recollections of HFD personnel on the scene during this incident, and the after crash investigation.  The information should be used in a manner to train, educate, and make roadway incidents safer for emergency responders.   The Huron (OH) Fire Department was toned for an ill subject in a vehicle on State Route ...

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