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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Heavy Lifting with the High-Lift Jack


Heavy lifting takes tools, training, and critical thinking.  For this training tip, we are going to look at the basic mechanical high-lift jack.  Pretend for a few minutes that all of your pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric tools are broke.  I’m not saying go back to the Stone Age all the time, but some basic tools and skills may help you ...

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Ladder Bucket Standpipe


Can we set-up an elevated standpipe off of the ladder bucket?  That is just what a couple young firefighters asked and it turned into a fine company drill.  This is an example of the younger generations breaking the lazy and unmotivated stereotypes.  

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School Bus Roll-Over Pinning


This past week at BGSU’s State Fire School  ( we spent a great deal of time in the Heavy Rescue class focusing on lifting.  For this post, I am going to show some options for lifting a rolled over school bus that is pinning a victim.  Your thoughts might be gravitating towards the use of airbags, but what other options ...

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Forcible Entry Door Prop


We all have learned forcible entry techniques dating back to fire school, the key is to stay proficient in your trade.  Firefighters regularly blow apart residential doors with a boot, the irons, or the baseball swing, but one obstacle that many firefighters do not get much practice in is commercial door forcible entry. For about $250 worth of steal, 3 ...

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